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To office or not to office? That is the question.

Managing a shift in expectations about where and when employees need to be to work is something all employers need to consider as the need for business outcomes is carefully balanced with employee expectations. Do mandates to be in the office really work?

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What is the future of Australian workplace?

All signs suggest the remote working experience was a 'success' and people want more flexibility in future. But what does 'more flexibility' really mean? How do we harness the lessons of the remote experience and what are the long-term implications for people, place and technology?

What have we learned from the remote working experiment and what will we do differently now?

To help organisations navigate the new normal, Puzzle reached out to clients, partners and colleagues, to invite them to complete our Five under Five survey.

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Never done it...bound to be good at it! That's just how we roll at team Puzzle

Here's how Puzzle adapted, moved 400 people during a global pandemic, and successfully concluded a six-year project.

Introvert or Extrovert and all the flavours in between - does "vertness" impact your team's remote working experience?

Hear from Puzzlers about how their own “vertness” impacted their remote working experience and their flexible working routines.

Return to workplace | status quo or whole new world?

With organisations planning the gradual return to workplace, C-19 can be a catalyst for organisations to re-set. To imagine the possibilities of the future workplace.