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about us

Puzzle has extensive experience in helping organisations to strategically transition how they use their spaces. We expertly blend art with science. We use evidence and insight. We work with organisations to peel back the layers of how they work now, and how they want to work in the future. Core to our purpose is helping our clients to identify the spaces and settings which support their actual aspirations.  It’s not a one size fits all approach.

We put people at the centre of everything we do, and use design thinking, co-design and prototyping to identify solutions.  Puzzle is known for tailored approaches to support our clients to engage people, identify needs, help people experiment, test and learn.  And then we measure success.

Our services start in the areas of workplace intelligence and strategy, change management and transition:

Workplace strategy

We inspire our clients to imagine the possibilities of how their space can support them in the future and we use data, analysis, insight and our deep experience to help our clients create a workplace that is uniquely responsive to their specific needs.

Change management

We help our clients to engage their leaders and people, build confidence and capability in new ways of working, so that everyone is ready to use the new space together, and benefits can be more fully realised.


A change in workplaces requires the physical movement of people, information and assets and is often one of the most visible elements of the transformation. This is not lost on us. And just as we support people readiness through change management, we equally support our clients by ensuring that the physical transition is seamless.

Puz’l (v); to solve by ingenuity

Puz’l (v,intr): to ponder over a mystery or challenge in an effort to solve or understand it​

Puzz’ler (n); a person capable of taking apart a mystery, solving it and putting it back together again​

Partner (v); to play as a team​

Partner (n); a person or organisation involved in a shared endeavour, working collaboratively towards shared goals

our team

Our people are what make us exceptional and we are passionate about everything we do. ​


We provide strong senior leadership for all our projects and curate a team of Puzzlers to deliver each stage or activity. Making sure we have the right people, with the right expertise delivering each component of the project. ​

This means that our clients receive bespoke, responsive, considered, expert support which can expand or contract at any stage of a project as needed.​ This agility, flexibility and expertise are the hallmarks of the Puzzle approach.​

Puzzle values the privacy of your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy to discover how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information.

We know that the choices and decisions we make today will impact on what happens tomorrow. Please read our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement to learn more.

Puzzle recognises that modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights, and as such, adopts a zero tolerance to all forms of modern slavery, human trafficking, all forms of servitude, and forced and compulsory labour within its business and supply chain.


We are committed to incorporating socially and environmentally sustainable behaviour into

Modern Slavery Icon.png

everything we do, including sound governance and engagement with our employees, our community, and our environment. We utilise our procurement practices and employment policies to help mitigate the risks of slavery and human trafficking in our business.

Our full Modern Slavery Statement can be viewed here.

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