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public sector


Puzzle have been teaming up with the Public Sector since 2003 to curate workplace experiences that put people at the centre of the changing environment that organisations are operating in.  


Many of our Puzzlers have worked within the Public Service, giving us a highly relevant lens through which we review your needs and solutions.  


Our adventures span substantial Public Service capability including Defence, Health, Education, Agriculture, Science, Trade, and Industry. We have experience supporting workplace adventures at Federal, State and Local levels.​

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AGSVA Clearances​

We have Puzzlers with a range of Baseline and NV Clearances to meet your security needs.​

Streamlined engagement​

Puzzle is a pre-qualified supplier on several panel arrangements, including:​

Australian Federal Whole of Government Panels​

  • Corporate Management Advisory Services Panel SON3751667. ​

  • DTA Digital Marketplace Panel SON3413842 (previously BuyICT). ​

  • Property Services Panel SON4042885.


New Zealand Whole of Government Panel​

  • Property Consultancy Services Panel. ​


Australian State Government Panels​

  • NSW Whole of Government SCM005 Performance and Management Services Scheme. ​


Alternatively, if you wish to engage us under a single project management structure, we work collaboratively with the major workplace, property and design companies you might already be working with.​

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