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we are puzzle

Founded in 2003, Puzzle Partners (Puzzle) is privately owned, and is one of Australia’s leading workplace consultancies. 

Puzzle has collaborated with architects, project managers, builders and removalists, to deliver more than 1,300 workplace adventures, with clients representing all business sectors and levels of government.

We’re passionate about changing the world, one workplace at a time. We believe that the intersection of people, place and technology is the core of organisational transformation. In alignment, they enable people to be more collaborative, flexible, innovative and connected, while driving efficiency. 


A thoughtfully designed workplace, which can respond to a range of future ways of working, supported with the right technology and services, can create uplifting employee experiences. When done well, people are more productive and engaged as a result.

We offer services in the areas of workplace strategy, change management and transition.

The benefits of space which support future flexibility for organisations have never been clearer than now.

changing the world, one workplace at a time

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