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Introvert or extrovert - does "vertness" impact your team's remote working experience?

Puzzle has been practising flexible working for years and some Puzzlers work remotely always. Remote working and flexible working are different things. Puzzlers do both.

But during the COVID-19 “remote working experiment”, people didn’t have a choice. So we wondered, if that made it harder somehow? And how did people’s “vertness” impact that experience?

We know there is a “vertness” continuum, and people’s “vertness” can be affected under pressure. And we certainly subscribe to Carl Jung’s view that “there is no suPch thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in a lunatic asylum”

For the purposes of this exercise we took a pretty simple view of the continuum and asked people to identify as:

  1. More introverted than the average bear

  2. Introverted with a twist (of extroversion)

  3. Extroverted with a twist (of introversion)

  4. More extroverted than the average bear

A survey of our people revealed that we all find it easy to work remotely. But our “vertness” means that we all work differently. Think differently. Communicate differently. And we need different things from our colleagues and leaders.

Here is some insight from Puzzlers about how their own “vertness” impacted their remote working experience and their flexible working routines.



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