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Lessons from the virtual classroom

Puzzlers have designed and delivered thousands of bespoke workshops to support our clients’ transition to new ways of working and in April we had our first large-scale, virtual workshop adventure. Since then we have augmented that experience and built our virtual capability across co-design sessions, virtual tours and focus groups.

But back to the workshops.

Setting the scene…

Client relocating 400 staff to new custom-designed workspace. 90-minute virtual workshops to familiarise people with new spaces & settings, and how to use them. Eight sessions with a total of 120 participants, at a time when remote working is the norm and social distancing measures are in place. Six Puzzlers on point, across four states.

Going in we wondered, how do we build rapport? Create a relaxed and friendly vibe? How do we manage participants’ varying levels of digital confidence? Get the best from introverts and extroverts? Can we give people ‘space’ for team breakouts when we’re ‘ever present’ on screen? For that matter, will we seem a little ‘Wizard of Oz-esque?

Here’s what we learned.



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